My Reflexology Adventure starts today!

I am launching my website of Toe to Toe Reflexology at a time when we all need some calm in our lives.

I would love you to come and visit me in my Treatment room in Ryton on Dunsmore to experience an hour or more of pure bliss.

Having experienced reflexology myself during a very stressful time in my life and finding the sessions calming and restorative, I decided I’d like to train so I can offer the same benefits and more, to you.

Launching a business in a Pandemic year of Covid 19 is not going to be easy but my belief is that anxiety and stress affects us all daily and some time out for ourselves is restorative and necessary.  Reflexology works for me but please come and have a treatment with me and see for yourself the benefits.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon


During your reflexology session I use the beautiful Flying Wild balms to allow my fingers to locate the specific reflex points needed whilst moisturising your feet at the same time!